Maple-walnut ice cream recipe

Maple-walnut ice cream recipe

Maple-Walnut Ice Cream Recipe

4 egg yolks
3 cups table cream
3/4 cup walnut pieces
1 cup amber maple syrup

Beat egg yolks.
Put table cream in a sauce pan and bring almost to a boil.
Beat heated cream into eggs.
Mix in maple syrup just before freezing in ice cream machine.
When almost done, stir in walnut pieces.

Note: This also makes a good Maple Ice Cream Recipe
If you can get Grade B maple syrup, use it instead and reduce it to half-a-cup (you
may need to experiment here; possibly 3/4 cup would be better).

Note: I used to recommend getting Grade C, but apparently the high-end of that has been renamed
Grade B, and the low end of that is illegal to sell in retail stores. Be careful with the cream: If you decrease the milkfat content, then the ice cream will
be slushy and have a poor texture.

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