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Indian Food

In Singapore, Indian dishes is characterized by its complex use of spices, which is used to make its staple curries. Generally, Indian dishes is not as hot and spicy as thought by most people. It can even be thought of as delicate in flavoring. The best place to try Indian cuisine is in Little India.There are several northern and southern Indian eateries there. Indian food can also be found at hawker centers and food courts.

Indian Dishes Recipe

  • Crispy pan fried “pancakes” made from wheat flour, water and butter (or ghee). Accompanied by fish or chicken curry. A common dish eaten as breakfast or supper. Number 1 dish loved by all Singaporeans!
  • Oil free bread made from wheat flour and water. Served with curry with meat or dhall (a bean mixture)
  • Flour based batters deep fried until crispy. Some batters are plain or with eggs and fish cake. Served with a red sauce that is non-spicy and sweet.
  • Roti John, essentially an omelette sandwich, is a popular Malay breakfast and snack item in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk. Eaten with sugar or curry.
  • A Singapore Indian dish using garoupa and other spices. Well loved by Indians and there is a Chinese Version to this dish
  • It is a huge prata wrap with seasoned or grilled chicken or mutton (lamb) and onion.
  • A bread that looks like weaved thin rice noodles.
  • One of the highlights of northern Indian cuisine is food that is baked in a tandoori or clay oven. Wheat based breads, such as Chapati and tandoori baked Naan also originated in the north.

Indian Beverage Recipe

  • Teh tarik (literally pulled tea or ?? in Mandarin) is a hot tea beverage which can be commonly found in restaurants, outdoor stalls and kopi tiams in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Its name is derived from the pouring process of “pulling” the drink during preparation. It is made from black tea and condensed milk.
  • Milo Dinasour – Milo is a chocolate flavored drinks served locally in mamak stalls offering versions such as “Milo Dinosaur” (a cup of Milo with an extra spoonful of powdered undissolved Milo added to it).
  • Made from fermented rice flour. This crispy bread is usually eaten with curry, coconut chutney and sambar. A thicken version is called Uthappom.
  • Soaked lentil mixture and deep fried. To be eaten with coconut chutney.
  • An excellent variety of vegetables, savory snacks, lentils and breads have been created, as well as desserts and milk-based sweetmeats. Vegetarian meals, along with a few southern dishes, are often served on a banana leaf. They usually come with a range of vegetables, pickles, chutneys and bread.
  • Raw Basmati rice cooked with spices and meat. The rice will be soft and fragrant as the meat will be tender and juicy. An aromatic dish loved by many.
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