Singapore Western Food & Recipes

Singapore Western Food & RecipesIn Singapore, ‘Western food’ is a common term for hawker and food stalls serving European or American style grilled and pan-fried meats such as pastas, beef steaks, fish "n" chips and chicken chops or cutlets and sausages. Western food meal set is often served with french fries, slices of cucumber, tomato, cold baked beans and a piece of toasted garlic bread.

It’s always pleasant to find Western food in coffee shops and hawker centres that are a cut above the rest. Most stalls will provide a simple soup (usually mushroom) as an extra order. It is possible to find Halal ‘western food’ as well, though prices tend to be much higher than (about double) that of the Chinese stalls.

Popular "Western Food" eating spots

  • Newton Hawker Food Center
  • East Coast Park Food Center
  • Singpang Bedok Food Center

Popular "Western", "Italian" Resraurants in Singapore

  • The Cafe Cartel – American, Coffee Places, International, Western
  • Mad Jack Cafe – Australian, BBQ & Grill, Halal, International, Western
  • Han’s Cafe & Cake House – American, Asian Cuisine, Bakery & Cake Shop, Chinese, Coffee Places, Hainanese, International, Italian, Local Taste, Western
  • Jack’s Place – American, BBQ & Grill, Bakery & Cake Shop, English, International, Western
  • Sizzler – American, BBQ & Grill, International, Western
  • Pasta-Mania – Italian Pastas and Pizzas

Western Food Recipes

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